The NMCRC is a commission consisting of 11 boroughs and townships located in the northern part of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Each municipality is represented by one Commission member:

Richard Halbom, Chairman
Souderton Borough
Township phone: 215-723-4371
Jamie Worman, Member
Lower Gwynedd Township
Township phone: 215-723-1137
Sharon Fryling, Treasurer
Hatfield Township
Township phone: 215-855-0900
Beth Staab, Member
Montgomery Township
Township phone: 215-393-6900
Elizabeth Wahl Kunzier, Member
Ambler Borough
Borough phone: 215-646-1000
Mary Anne Girard, Secretary
Hatfield Borough
Borough phone: 215-855-0781
Richard Prescott, Member
Lower Salford Township
Township phone: 215-256-8087
Christine Hart, Vice Chairwoman
North Wales Borough
Borough phone: 215-699-4424
Jon Hammer, Member
Franconia Township
Borough phone: 215-723-4371
Spencer Kulhanjian, Member
Telford Borough
Borough phone: 215-723-5000
Joyce Snyder, Member
Towamencin Township
Township phone: 215-368-7602
Mark Hosterman, Solicitor
Wisler Pearlstine
Phone: 610-825-8400


The Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission was formed after the Northern Montgomery County Waste System Authority was dissolved by the county in 1995. Eight communities formed the Commission in August 1995 to coordinate their recycling activities. Each municipality amended their recycling ordinance to name the Commission as their agent for compliance with Act 101 and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection recycling regulations. In 2005 the Commission grew to 11 member communities, bringing the current total number of residents represented by the Commission to 129,587 and making it one of the largest recycling organizations in the state.

The recycling rate in Commission municipalities prior to the formation of the Commission was less than 15%. One of the Commission’s goals was to increase area recycling rates.  The recycling rate increased to over 20% in the years before COVID pandemic, however, there is a drop in recycling rates in the post-pandemic years in many areas around the State, including Northern Montgomery.

As part of its efforts to increase recycling in its member municipalities, the Commission sponsors organizations and educational activities that increase the awareness of recycling.

The Commission receives grants from the state based on its recycling rates. Its steady progress increasing the amount of materials recycled in its member communities is reflected by the growth in recycling performance awards received from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

While there have been fluctuations and adjustments in the way the DEP administers the awards program, the general trend has been upwards. The Commission has worked to increase the amount of recycling that goes to market.