Retrievr Clothing and E-waste Recycling

Residents of Montgomery County can now recycle clothing and electronic devices directly from their home. Montgomery County has partnered with Retrievr, a service that allows residents to easily schedule collection of clothing and electronic devices via text.

Retrievr will pick up the following clothing:

All men’s, women’s, children’s, and infant clothing including shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, raincoats, overcoats, outerwear, sleepwear, swimsuits, T-shirts, undergarments, and formal wear. Footwear: shoes, boots, sandals, heels, slippers.  Accessories: belts, hats, scarves, jewelry, ties, gloves, handbags, Bedding: comforter, sheets, pillow cases and blankets. Household items: curtains/draperies, Halloween costumes, cloth napkins, table cloths, towels.

Retrievr will also pick up the following electronic devices:

Computers, cell phones, hard drives, keyboards, mice, PC speakers, PC power supplies, printers, fax machines, stereo equipment, TVs, VCRs, CD players, and laptop and cell phone batteries.

Retrievr charges a base $12.50 doorstep fee, plus convenience fees for items that are particularly hard to collect or dispose of. 

*These fees can vary with your location, but typically include:

  • $15 for each microwave
  • $38 for each TV under 150 lbs and monitors that use a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)
  • $105 for each TV 150 lbs or more, such as those with wooden cabinets or rear-projection TVs
  • $55 for each dehumidifier
  • $55 for each window air-conditioner
  • $55 for each mini refrigerator under 50 lbs

To schedule a pick up:

  1. Text ‘PICKUP’ to 757-70-FETCH (757-703-3824).
  2. Use your address to confirm you’re in the service area.
  3. Add the items you want to recycle.
  4. Schedule a date for your pickup appointment.
  5. Pack the items in a bag or box and leave them by your door.
  6. On your selected date, a truck will come collect your items right from your door.

If you cannot text, call 610-839-8262, and they will call you back to schedule a pickup. For more information, go to