Fast Facts: Aluminum Cans

Interesting Facts about Aluminum Can Recycling:

  • The average person uses more than 25,000 aluminum cans in a lifetime.
  • Recycling a single aluminum can saves enough energy to power a TV for three hours.
  • It requires 95% less energy and water to recycle an aluminum can than it does to create an aluminum can from virgin materials.
  • It is estimated that over the past twenty years, we’ve trashed more than 11 million tons of aluminum beverage cans worth over $12 billion on today’s market.
  • Aluminum takes 200-500 years to fully degrade in a landfill.
  • Recycled aluminum can be returned to store shelves in as little as 60 days.
  • About 120,000 aluminum cans are recycled every minute nationwide.
  • More aluminum goes into beverage cans than any other product.
  • We use over 80 trillion aluminum soda cans every year.
  • At one time, aluminum was more valuable than gold.

Additional recycling information is available on our municipal website or on the Northern Montgomery County Recycling Commission website (

Recycling is Required

Franconia Township requires that residents, commercial establishments and non-residential establishments recycle all recyclable materials.  Commonly recycled materials include:

  • Paper – newspaper, office/copy paper, glossy paper, color paper, cardboard, junk mail, phone books, cereal/cracker boxes
  • Plastic – bottles and jugs No. 1-7
  • Glass – clear, green and brown containers
  • Metal – aluminum, steel, tin, and bimetal cans and containers

You should check with your hauler for a complete list of acceptable recyclable materials.